Monday, 25 January 2016

Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein: off to phase 2

Three days of filming! That's how far we've gone to this day. Which is really exciting, and at the same time incredibly frustrating, because there's so much to tell and we have to hold back until the budget is assembled.

photo by Alex Pixelle
But still, we have a few nice scenes in the can, including footage with the awesome Shane Briant, who had no problem returning to the world of gothic horror 42 years after Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell. I think the conditions were a little more extreme last weekend than they were on the set of Hammer Films, with a temperature culminating at zero degrees! (celsius of course) Shane was so dedicated that he suggested putting ice in his mouth to avoid making breath vapor when saying his lines.

What are the next steps for Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein, you might ask? Of course, completing post-production on what we've shot so far (roughly 5 minutes of film). And then, finding the first real chunk of the budget, the one that will allow us to secure the actors for Holmes and Watson, and set the filming dates later in 2016. Fan support can be provided on Indiegogo as always (and helps a lot), but we're also welcoming private investments: if you're interested in that, you should contact us at marteau at , and we will send you details about the investment opportunities.

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