Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein - November 2015 Indiegogo video

In case you missed it, here is the updated Indiegogo video. If you like the project, support 'Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein' NOW!

Monday, 23 November 2015

The game is afoot

It is now official: Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein has finally started filming. A gravedigger and a monster in a cemetery! Mrs Hudson in her kitchen! The mad scientist in his lab! Everyone is in place, waiting for Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to be cast...

Our actors John Lebar, Stephanie Campion, Stéphane Roquet and Adèle Cazenave brought to life the film's first characters, with the help of a wonderful and dedicated crew. Director of photography Jérôme Alméras has been involved in the project from the start, and production designer Pascal
Chatton joined us last month, with his experience and passion. Costume designer Charlotte Courboules will eventually team up with Pierre-Jean Larroque, and hyperactive special effects artist David Scherer jumped at the opportunity of working on a Hammer-like film. I also had the pleasure of working with my wife Lucie, who made the storyboard for the scenes.

Photos and videos will be unveiled during the next two months, as we work on post-production and on phase 2 of the crowdfunding campaign. When January comes, we will be filming scenes with none other than Shane Briant, Burgermeister Simon Helder himself. So we need the Indiegogo page to become active again, in order to give Shane the best costume and the most lavishly furnished office.

Stéphane Roquet - photo:
Most of the original perks are still available: from the film's poster to a full producer package, you can get unique collectible items or the film's script itself. In a very near future, we should be able to add signed copies of the film's novelization, written by David Whitehead (known to many by his other pen name Ben Bridges). Those who can't wait are welcome to purchase it from Amazon – which also helps production indirectly!

Joining the crowdfunding campaign for Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein will help us complete an ensemble of scenes that will define the movie's tone, and give the project the energy it needs to reach completion. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on the images taken from the set by our set photographer AlexPixelle!

Lost the link to Indiegogo? Here it is: