Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Getting ready

All right, now that we're through the first phase of crowdfunding, with more than 30,000€ already raised, the time has come for filming Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein. Yay! Which means assembling the cast and crew, sorting out the dates, prepping costumes, sets and special effects, storyboarding the scenes... And we're only talking about the first few scenes of the film, the ones that we will be able to shoot thanks to the crowdfunding campaign.

Phase two will include securing the rest of the budget, and hopefully getting some additional help from the crowd in doing so. If we can get the numbers to 40,000 by the end of December, we will film a few scenes with Shane Briant himself in early 2016. Then the main shoot will be in May 2016, if everything goes smoothly (which will be the case, right?)

If you haven't contributed yet, or feel like returning in order to take the campaign to the next level, you're very welcome to join now:

Remember you can watch the original test film on the page, and also listen to a few excerpts from the script, recorded during a public reading in Paris:

If you want a taste of the story before the film even hits the screens, prepare yourself for the script's novelization, which is currently being written by British author David Whitehead. Readers already know him under his pen name Ben Bridges, which he has been using for an impressive number of westerns. He recently wrote the novelization of the movie Day of the Gun with Eric Roberts.

The great detective is no stranger to David, who has already written several original Sherlock Holmes stories, and is also an avid Hammer Horror fan, which makes him the perfect match for a story called "Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein".

As if prepping a shoot and financing a feature wasn't enough, we are also in the process of finding distribution for my first film House of VHS. Festivals, video release... Stay tuned for a few announcements and surprises very soon on these subjects too.

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